We represent defeating impossible odds 

                                  We represent the evolution of all our times

                                     We represent reading between the lines

                                 We represent the light that brightens the dark

                             We represent the children you played with in the park

                                   We represent  black, white, and all shades

                                We represent the vague area of shades of grey

                                We represent the balance of the laws of nature

                                 We represent our talents given by our creator

                             We represent the struggle that promotes into growth

                                    We represent the world of spirit and soul

                                   We represent free art and self expression

                                we represent the teachings of life's next lesson

                                             We represent the human race

                                   We represent the planet and all its grace

                                 We represent oneness through the power of love

                                 We represent infinite space from the skies above

                              We represent resistance aganist the hands of control

                                      We represent  not doing what your told

                              We represent the addiction of infinite wisdom to gain

                             we represent the alchemy that flows through our veins

                                                   Words from the Wise


We represent the voice of the gods


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